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UEI I/O systems are the ideal solution for a variety of rail and transportation applications. From monitoring performance, including strain, stability, acceleration, fatigue measurements, to positioning and power consumption, UEI provides a full range of programmable automation controllers, loggers, interfaces, and I/O boards to meet your needs.

Each transportation application is unique and requires the flexibility of products to adapt to differing sets of requirements. UEI offers a proven platform to help optimize the overall performance and safety of critical transportation systems

UEI has a chassis style to meet the needs of your application. Whether you need an ultra compact single slot cube or a rugged rack system, UEI has powerful and flexible solutions.


And more!

With over 70 I/O boards available, UEI has everything you could possibly need for your data acquisition, control, test and monitoring applications.

Data Acquisition & Control ? Test & Simulation ? Rugged ? Industrial SCADA ? Measurement & Logging ? Health Monitoring and more! We support all the popular OSs and programming languages.

Programming Languages

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Operating Systems

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And more!

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